You don’t want to miss eating Bun Bo Hue. Read more here ► Get my food news ► Among the long list of Vietnamese food is a famous dish known as Bun Bo [More] Been to this place numerous times, BOMB!! No rice plates, strictly PHO!! Like, comment & feel free to subscribe 😉 Thanks from LoCal Food Lovers!! ( EP# 142 ) Hello my love & 我 ❤️你们 & 谢谢你 & សួស្ដីបងប្អូន❤️ Khmer in US CA 6 AM – In KH 9 PM Today I want to tour you around the AMAZING [More]
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Spending this Saturday bringing friends and family to Michelle’s ‘Just In Hair ‘ salon at Oriental Centre . She gets busier and busier just by word of mouth and great reviews. My bff Maribel was [More]
Fresh Vietnamese and French Cuisine 5592 Santa Teresa Blvd San Jose, CA 95123 (408) 609-7267
#vlog #vietnamesefood #lifeviewwithjody #jodyngo #sanjose Cùng Jody và Phương Loan đi ăn một vài món Viêt Nam tại San Jose, California xem có món ăn hấp dẫn, khác với các món ăn ở Việt Nam [More]
You can eat the meat with jasmine rice and vegetables like cucumber, salad and spinach..etc..
Office building for lease in San Jose, California.