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After a rash of burglaries at Vietnam Town Shopping Center in San Jose, merchants are demanding more security. As Len Ramirez reports, they fell they are being targeted.
PHO 89 Vietnamese Restaurant 2095 N Capital ave. ste E. San jose. California 95132
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San Jose have an estimate of over 180,000 Vietnamese residents today, and boast to have the largest commercial plaza in Vietnam Town for Vietnamese businesses in America. This video will give you a brief tour [More]
Hang Troung will be among the Bay Area chefs who will take part in La Cocina’s A Week of Women in Food. A few months ago, Troung opened an eatery at U.C. Berkeley, where [More]
Hello! Here’s a video of me having dinner at Pho Tau Bay restaurant in San Jose, California. I hope you enjoy this video! Thank you for watching (: – I S E E K A [More]
Miss Vietnam of Northern CA – Hoa Hậu Áo Dài Bắc Cali 2014 Jenn Chung, Huong Phan, Melissa Do, Huong Tran, Wonny Nguyen, Emily Tran, Jeanne Nguyen, Minh Tranle February 09, 2014 – San Jose, [More]
Dragon Day Spa Massage 1814 Hillsdale Ave. San Jose, Ca. 95124 RUDE BAIT & SWITCH ILLEGAL ARROGANT RUDE Dragen Day Spa RUDE owner false advertisement they Advertise $19.99 on the door BUT then wanted me [More]
Hôm nay, @Bang Vo chia sẻ cho các bạn khung cảnh xung quanh nơi Bang Vo đã sinh sống. Công viên, đời sống thường ngày, nhà cửa, đường phố và trường học ở Mỹ. Ngày [More]